I'M A SELF-TAUGHT DESIGNER, a journalist-turned-entrepreneur, a type and lettering aficionado, an idea guy, and a dad.
I formerly worked at newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, and The Oregonian. I've spent the
last 20 years in the apparel business, where I've worked for myself, mostly producing T-shirts, shipping nearly 1.5 million
T-shirts along the way. As an occasional freelancer, I've done work for clients that include Nike, Nickelodeon, and Etnies.
I've designed logos for NBA stars such as Jrue Holiday and Julius Randle. In 2010, I jumped back into writing —
I co-wrote Pitch Anything (with Oren Klaff), a McGraw-Hill business book. You can email me at: beejaybot@gmail.com